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Finally... a how-to manual on importing data into
your ACT! database.

If you've ever tried importing an Excel spreadsheet into your ACT! database only to have 100 records turn into 600 after import with garbled data in each field…

If you've ever tried importing another ACT database only to find all the notes and history are now attributed to the IT manager instead of the sales person who originally entered them…

Please take a few minutes to learn about this manual. It could solve your importing headaches.

My name is Susan Clark. I'm the founder and owner of Cornerstone Solutions, Inc. For close to 20 years I've been working with businesses like yours to help them get the most out of their ACT!.

I've taught these importing techniques to many of my clients (as well as other ACT! Certified Consultants and they got such great results that they prodded me to compile them into a manual... which I finally did. And now you can apply it to your ACT! database imports as well with the help of this step-by-step guide.

Download Importing Data into ACT

Importing Data into ACT!

Importing Data into ACT!

Why should you consider ordering this manual? There are three reasons actually:

Reason #1: The information it contains shows you step-by-step how to correctly import almost any data type into your ACT! database so that you get it right the first time.

Reason #2: These procedures are based on extensive trials. Both my clients and I (as well as other ACT! Certified Consultants) rely on this information to make sure that your most precious resource (your customer and prospect database) is not trashed when importing new or updated information.

Reason #3: While the instructions are step-by-step with helpful screen shots, the concepts are advanced and include all the details you need to consider when performing imports into your database.

What exactly does the Manual include?

The Manual is divided into two parts:

1. Importing a Text Delimited file (.csv or .txt) This section includes detailed instructions on first preparing the file in Excel. There are procedures on how to change all uppercase text to proper case, how to split one column of data into two, how to combine multiple columns into one column, how to format data as Zip codes so that the leading zeros will import, and finally (and sometimes most importantly), how to remove non-printing characters prior to import. The final procedure helps you correctly convert an Excel file to a .csv file so that it will correctly import into ACT!.

Once the data is ready for import, you'll see instructions on how to use the import wizard to get the data into ACT!. Explanations for each of the options along the way, help you make the best decisions about importing correctly. Finally there is a brief section on exporting data to Excel. But that part is so's hardly worth mentioning.

2. Importing other ACT databases. This section focuses onhow to correctly combine two or more databases. It takes you through verifying that all users are in the master database, exporting users from one database to another, defining, deleting, or reassigning users, verifying that fields in the destination and source databases match, and understanding how to export private records from one database to another.

This guide made it all so simple. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to import data without totally destroying our database. Now I get it. It's saved me hours of trial and error.
Download Importing Data into ACT

One final important thought...
Can you you figure out how to import without buying this manual? My guess is, yes, sooner or later. If you're unusually persistent, if you can tolerate trial and error imports and then restoring the backup over the failed import, you'll finally crack the code on how to accomplish this.

But at what cost? It took me quite some time, reading knowledge base articles, and making hundreds of mistakes that cost me time and money. Wouldn't you rather take a shortcut and learn what works - all in one place?

So it's up to you. If you want to do this all on your own, be my guest. But if you want to take a shortcut and start applying what works right away, this manual is exactly what you're looking for.

Thank you... and... I invite you to...

Download Importing Data into ACT
Only $47.

You'll get acces to your pdf manual immediately.


Susan Clark

p.s. Order Securely: We take online ordering and security seriously. We use a secure shoppingcart system to process all credit card. This uses the most advanced HTTPS/SSL security. In other words, your credit card data is safe with us.

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