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Zoho CRM ... Why Should I Consider It?

Zoho CRMAre you looking for a cloud-based CRM solution that is full-featured, but still a low-cost alternative to

Zoho CRM is an online hosted solution for managing your customer relationship lifecycle. It easily integrates with Microsoft Office products (including Outlook) or Google Apps (including Gmail).

Zoho can easily...

  • grow with you in number of users or number of records (not something you will need to replace),
  • be customized to support your company's needs,
  • keep a history of all of your interactions with your contacts,
  • provide a calendar for your team to schedule their client activites,
  • track your team's sales progress through the pipeline,
  • integrate your company's marketing efforts,
  • track your customer support interactions,
  • view everything using easy to build dashboards and reports, and,
  • if you like, it will even track your Inventory levels.
Zoho Trial Signup

All in one system. Zoho also provides mobile access via smart phones or tablets.

Also Integrates with...

Zoho has an impressive suite of products to choose from. In addition to its own word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and email software, it also provides online storage, web meetings, project management, mass email marketing, tech support tracking, invoicing, live chat, and more. It integrates with popular products like...

  • Microsoft Outlook (Office) or GMail (Google Apps)
  • QuickBooks
  • Constant Contact or Mail Chimp
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Zoho Certified Consultant

As a Zoho Certified Consultant, we can help you get up and running quickly so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Zoho CRM is part of a suite of impressive business tools offered. It comes in4 editions. You can download a quick Feature Reference by Edition to help you decide which edition is for you.

  • Free(max. 3 users, limited feature set),
  • Standard ($12/user/month)
  • Professional($20/user/month), and
  • Enterprise($35/user/month, advanced capabilities including integration with Zoho's Advanced Analytics and Creator apps).

You can pay on a monthly or yearly basis (and get a 10% price break), Zoho Alliance Partnerwith no long-term contracts.

Regardless of where your offices are (through the miracles of technology), as a Zoho Alliance Partner, we can help you get up and running by helping you ...

  • setup and configure Zoho CRM,
  • migrate your data from other platforms (Excel, ACT!, Outlook, etc.)
  • determine which modules make the most sense for your company
  • integrate add-ons into your system
  • troubleshoot any issues you might be having,
  • train your entire staff, regardless of where your offices are located, or
  • provide on-going technical support.

Call us to get started at 713-661-5200.
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